Big Dutty Deeze ‘Live Evil’ (Prod. by Dr. G) #Album #Review @BigDuttyDeeze @DrGProductionz @ParkStreetPR


This new album from UK Rapper BIG DUTTY DEEZE is something that shouldn’t be slept on. Eleven tracks deep this features the video singles ‘Bury Um In The Forest’, ‘Pentagram’ and ‘They Say’ as well as some other killer tracks such as banger like ‘Manson’ and ‘I Dont GIve A F**k’.

‘Live Evil’ has a vibe, a sound and feeling. Lyrically exciting and deeply conceptual, The beats from Dr. G are super dope and Deeze’s skills on the mic are incredible. Dope emcee with such a talent to tell it how it is. Big Dutty Deeze is fastly becoming my favourite UK emcee.

Big Dutty Deeze – Live Evil (Produced by Dr. G) Track-list:

01. Manson
02. They Say
03. There Was A Time
04. I Dont GIve A F**k
05. Bury Um In The Forest
06. In My Palm Feat. DJ Alzee
07. Merc The Mic
08. Pentagram
09. Honour Loyalty Respect
10. With This Faith
11. I Grew Up Feat Tommy DMO

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Big Dutty Deeze – Pentagram (Produced by Dr. G) #Video

Big Dutty Deeze ‘Bury Um In The Forest’ (Prod. by Dr. G) #Video

Big Dutty Deeze – They Say (Prod. by Dr. G) #Video

Words: Josh Powell

K*Ners Feat. Genesis Elijah – Bringing It #Single #Review @K_Ners @GenesisElijah @ParkStreetPR

K*Ners new single featuring Genesis Elijah is something has been blowing up the UK scene ever since the video dropped a couple of weeks back that we posted. I am looking forward to the new project so much, especially if this is the standard he is going to keep up. Banging beats with clever wordplay and infectious hooks, there is no doubt this Bristol emcee is ‘bringing it’.

The video takes it back to the essence of what Hip-Hop s all about and of course a Hip-Hop video shot in K*Ners hometown of Bristol has to include graffiti! K*Ners is so much more than just your normal ‘run of the mill’ UK rapper, he has style, knowledge, experience and an a rising fan base.

Review by Josh Powell

K*Ners Feat. Genesis Elijah – Bringing It #Audio

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Vicious “Warming Up” (Hosted by DJ Unique) @realvicious17 @1djunique @parkstreetpr

Vicious - Warming Up

London rapper and OEM recording artist Vicious drops his debut mixtape ‘Warming Up’ a strong collection of twenty-two tracks that is hosted by DJ Unique from the well respected Ghetts It In Gang. This release has already making waves on the underground, noted for its excellent display of solo cuts and killer collaborations with the likes of Don’t Flop Champion Tony D featuring, as well as Colony members Cons, TBear, Sir Smurf Lil, Grimlock and other talented UK artists such as Mucky, Locksmyth, J-Melo, Hard Body Ent. and more.

Vicious is young, talented and above all focused on his goals and the way he cleverly describes the struggle and harsh realities of inner-city London through his music and real life experiences has become one of the many reasons he is tipped to do big things. He has already shared stages with the likes of BBC 1Xtra’s Charlie Sloth and UK Rap legends such as Micall Parknsun, Genesis Elijah and Kyza, as well more recently doing his first battle for Don’t Flop and dropping the first video from his next release featuring Raggo Zulu Rebel. Put your seat-belt on, strap in and get ready for the journey. There’s no stopping Vicious… don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Vicious Feat. Raggo Zulu Rebel – No Fool #Video

Vicious – Warming Up (Hosted by DJ Unique) Track-list:

01 – Hasn’t Begun
02 – 5AM
03 – Til I Hit A Milli
04 – Rise Above Feat. Smokez
05 – Steak Sauce Feat. Mucky
06 – Killa Cam Feat. M.A.D
07 – Hell No Feat. TBear
08 – Ima Boss
09 – Go To Sleep Feat. Piro & Dieno
10 – Still At It Feat. Grimlock, Cobane & Playa Gee
11 – The Best Feat. Star
12 – Without You
13 – The One
14 – Purple Feat. Cons, Tony D, Locksmyth, Josiah Matrix & Arkaic
15 – So Sorry Feat. Charlotte Maud, J-Melo & Playa Gee
16 – Hit It In The Mornin
17 – Let Em Down
18 – Aint Nutin
19 – Don’t Try Me
20 – Crack Feat. Locksmyth, Mucky, Cobane, Grimlock, TBear, Charlz, Sir Smurf Lil, Piro & H-Rhymz
21 – Cons – Best Things In Life Feat. Daff, Star & Vicious
22 – Summer In City Feat. Playa Gee

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Vicious Feat. Smokez – Rise Above #Video

Vicious Feat. TBear – Hell No #Video

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River Nelson ‘The Shape of The Sky’ (Produced by Lewis Parker) @Rivnel @LewisParker_ @DowntownSoul @ParkStreetPR

River Nelson Shape of The Sky (front 500)

River Nelson releases a brand new album produced by Lewis Parker. ‘The Shape of The Sky’ is the second full length album from River Nelson, after his critically acclaimed release ‘The Rise and Fall of River Nelson’. The album is comprised of thirteen tracks that will inspire, motivate, and allow you to hear topics that aren’t usually covered in Hip-Hop.

“Just like the first album, I really wanted to push myself artistically. Each song captures a different mood and paints a vivid picture of what I’ve experienced, and what I see others experience around me. Like we always do with our records, there’s no faking or posturing, just carefully crafted heartfelt Hip-Hop music” River Nelson says.

The Shape of The Sky is produced by the legendary Lewis Parker who was born and raised in the UK and has worked a string of UK Hip-Hop legends as well as giving up beats to the likes of Ghostface Killah from Wu Tang Clan.

Songs on ‘The Shape of The Sky’ include the get-out-and-feel- good-anthem “Put off The Pain” which comes complete with a lyric video. This infectious anthem hits hard with its classic sounding swinging horns, catchy drum pattern and inventive lyrics about managing one’s challenges. The hypnotic tune will warm the heart and make you want to dance at the same time.

“Opportunity” is another song that comes with a video and this track speaks about being prepared for whenever your big moment comes, which is captured in passionate lyrics like: “When I see my opportunity I’ll swallow it whole/Without even chewing that’s just how desperate I roll,” spits River. The sincere lyrics on “Opportunity” are coupled with Lewis Parker’s penetrating string sounds, and a soulful chorus reminiscent of an old blues record that will pull listeners into the cut even further.

River says the title of the album The Shape of the Sky, is about realizing our limitless potential.

“Sometimes I like using parts of nature to describe what I’m going for song-wise or to describe how I feel–hence the name I picked for myself–and the sky to me is just a reminder that we’re boundless in terms of our inner potential. We can really do anything we want” says River.

Music Videos:

River Nelson – Put Off The Pain (Lyric Video)

River Nelson – Opportunity (Music Video)

River Nelson ‘The Shape of The Sky’ (Track-listing):

01 – Sky Intro
02 – Rising Morning Fire
03 – Put Off The Pain
04 – Opportunity
05 – 300 Seconds
06 – The Poke Thru Theory Feat. Ann One
07 – I Feel The Water
08 – Midnight Drive
09 – Human Graffiti
10 – Oceanography Feat. T.R.A.C
11 – The Cotton Club
12 – Thinkin’ Of Leaving Feat. John Robinson
13 – Sky Outro

All Tracks Produced by Lewis Parker

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UK Runnings Presents Unseen ‘Tell Me I’m Wrong’ (Hosted by Tricksta) @FollowUnseen @TrickstaUK @UKRunnings @ParkStreetPR


Wolverhampton rapper Unseen is somewhat a new name to us, but I do remember him from his outing on Big Dutty Deeze’s ‘Underdog’ album. His flow and vocal tone are very unique and his Midland’s accent and dialect is also stand alone. This is part of the appeal as is the honesty and sincerity in what his lyrics. This debut is something that Unseen should be proud of, with every box ticked. From amazing spits and solo tracks with killer hooks, he also has features from Big Dutty Deeze, Supar Novar, Lost Alliance, Lullaby from H.O.O.D Fellaz as well as battle rapper Baron Mynd and Wolverhampton rapper Big Ribzy. Make sure you grab this mixtape which is hosted by UK veteran Tricksta who also supplies a couple of killer beats. Unseen is another name to add to the list of rising artists from the Midlands, he is the bridge between intelligently thought out grime and new UK reality rap.

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Review by Josh Powell

Unseen ‘Ride 4 Me’ (Video)

Unseen ‘Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover’ (Video)

LATE ‘Manifesting Rhymes’ (Produced by Juttla) #Review @OfficialLATE @Juttla @TripleFearFilms @ParkStreetPR


When two musical legends from the same city get together for a track there is always an air of anticipation but don’t worry because Wolverhampton’s LATE and Juttla have nailed it! This is definitely the end of summer anthem that is much needed. Dope beat that got my head nodding and LATE’s trademark flow glides over it smoothly. This is something for b-boys and b-girls everywhere!

LATE ‘Manifesting Rhymes’ (Produced by Juttla) Music Video:

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Review by Josh Powell.

Big Chris “In One Hand” #Mixtape @BigChrisRnB @LilFatsC2C @ParkStreetPR


“Big Chris is an artist that offers more than you’re your regular rapper as he also sings and produces..”

Big Chris hits hard with his new mini-album mixtape, a nine track urban excursion into various urban vibes. Destined to blow, Big Chris really does have all the bases covered.

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