Danny B Feat. Jimmie Black – End Of Time (Prod. by @Capstone9) @DannyBArtist @MrJimmieBlack @ParkStreetPR

‘An artist to watch out for this year’ TheHipHopMafia.com
‘This is something special and very pure’ TalkingAllThatRap.com
‘More quality stuff from these talented Birmingham artists’ HipHop-4-Days.com
‘Don’t sleep on these two artists; you don’t want to miss out’ Urban-Heaven.com
‘These two acts work well together, positive and forward thinking’ HipHopSavedUs.com

Danny B should be a name you remember from his excellent contribution to Jimmie Black’s urban anthem ‘Open Doors’. Hailing from England’s second city, Birmingham, Danny B has been making a name for himself of late ripping up shows from Cardiff to Wolverhampton where his positive vibration is being felt! This is Hip-Hop with emotion, music with meaning and something that deserves your attention.

This single is a taste of what is to come from Danny B and with some amazing production from Capstone and a killer hook from Jimmie Black, ‘End Of Time’ is a single that is out now on iTunes and is complimented by a superb music video. With a superb response from the urban music scene’s leading websites and blogs, things are looking good for Danny B.

Danny B Feat. Jimmie Black – End Of Time (Prod. by @Capstone9) #Video

Danny B Feat. Jimmie Black – End Of Time (Prod. by @Capstone9) #MP3







Wilstar ‘Suicide Door’ (Prod. by Naughty Grammer Beats) #Review #Single #Video @xWilstarx @NaughtyGrammer ‎@ParkStreetPR


Wilstar ‘Suicide Door’ (Prod. by Naughty Grammer Beats) #MP3

Norwich might not be the first place you think of when it comes to UK urban music, but maybe that’s all about to change as one artist is really paving the way for his home city. Let us introduce you to Wilstar, a rapper who came to our attention last year when he collaborated with the extremely talented Nature The Kidd. His style has real cross potential and his bars are as good as his infectious hook-lines. This track is delivered with passion and has such a catchy vibe to it. Yeh like this, and we’re pretty sure you ‘will’ too! Go cop it from iTunes from the link above!!

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Urban Vault & UK Runnings Present Vault Assault ‘Volume 2′ #Mixtape @UrbanVault @UKRunnings @TrickstaUK @ParkStreetPR

“Dope artwork and a superb line up of UK artists” Urban-Heaven.com
“Full of killer tracks this is a mixtape you need to download now” HipHop4Days.com
“If you download one mixtape this month, then it should be this!” TheHipHopMafia.com

Urban Vault & UK Runnings Present Vault Assault ‘Volume 2′ Download link:

Urban Vault & UK Runnings Present Vault Assault ‘Volume 1′ Download link:

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K*Ners – Watch You/ Ma Ma Pt 2 @K_Ners @ReelMeRecords @ParkStreetPR


In the lead up to KNers long awaited album ‘V.O.T.C (Voice Of The City)’ signed to Bristol’s urban heavyweight label Reel Me Records, we are proud to bring in proceedings with what can only be described as a summer anthem, “Watch You”.

K*Ners has proven himself again to deliver another slice of UK Hip-Hop that is guaranteed to get your attention. Mixed and mastered by Kosheen and complete with a video that brings in the eclectic street life and folk of london, this release has the ingredients of becoming the perfect debut release for his up and coming album. this track is already causing a stir with tastemakers up and down the country and has a release date of Sun 25th May, 4 weeks Pre order Sun 25th April.

The bonus track, “Mama Part II” is a heart felt accompaniment that delves deep into the thoughts and feelings have have been with K*Ners regarding the passing over of his much loved mother to cancer, this is why we give you this press release on Mothers Day.

Press queries: kris@reelmerecords.com

Website: https://www.reelmerecords.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/reelmerecords
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/ReelMeRecords
Soundcloud: https://www.soundcloud.com/reelmerecords

Drassick & Big Chris #AllBlackEverything @BigChrisRnB @DrassickUK @OfficialKingIce @ParkStreetPR @Andygwdell @RoxoPress @Twan_BeatMaker

Check out MTV Unsigned Nominated Artist ‘Drassick’ and Silver Certified Artist/Producer ‘Big Chris’ who have teamed up to bring you their latest track #AllBlackEverything.

The track is a competition entry by the two talented artists for the Turnt Up Rap Contest by King Ice. The beat is produced by Twan Beatmaker and is a radio and club banger that is destined for massive things!

Building on recent successes the two new comers join forces to show the UK can bring urban fire to rival the USA, Drassick & Big Chris are doing the damn thing!

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Intuitive ‘Dear Dad’ #Video @Intuitive96 @ParkStreetPR @CeCePromo

intuitive Photo 500px

‘We predict big things in 2014 for Intuitive’ http://www.TalkingAllThatRap.com
‘Really hits the spot and gets extra points for originality’ http://www.HipHopSavedUs.com
‘This talented 18 year old has such a bright future in music’ http://www.HipHopLifeAndTimes.com

Intuitive ‘Dear Dad’ #Video

Intuitive hit the ground running at 17, releasing his debut EP ‘I, Intuitive’ and several successful music videos, whilst rap battling across the country for Spitroast Rap Battles. He is one of 3 hosts of ‘The FroShow’ on http://www.shropshireradio.com, and has performed in Manchester, Birmingham and Stoke in the past few months. His latest music video ‘Dear Dad’, a tribute to his father and all soldiers serving overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan has been well received. Now he’s 18, he plans to release a UK Runnings mixtape hosted by UK Hip-hop legend Tricksta. One to watch for the future.

‘I Intuitive’ EP: https://intui-tive.bandcamp.com/album/i-intuitive

TRU page: http://www.truerealurban.com/roster/intuitive/

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Insane Macbeth #Interview @insanemacbeth @parkstreetpr

Here is a brand new interview from veteran music producer/ songwriter Insane Macbeth hailing from Brixton, south London. In the twenty years he has been producing music, I.M. has worked with a string of UK Hip-Hop legends such as Kinetic Effect, The Icepick, Shaka Shazzam & Grizzly (HQ) , Crazy Noddy (The Sindecut), The Ripper aka Big Ripz, Intenz (Bury Cru), Chester P. (Mud Fam), Farma G. (Taskforce), Malarchi, Ruffstylz, Reveal (Poisonous Poets), Karl Hinds, Jay Hero AKA Sub-Zero/Sub-Zeez (The Extremists), Tony D. (Poisonous Poets), Sparkplug, BGR (Ill Flava recording artist), Tuberculosis AKA. T-Bear, as well as vocalists Elana Harris, Keety Roots (Black Legacy Records), and Cassie Allain aka Ce-Ce QT.

The interview was filmed by leading UK urban media channel Word On Road, who have previously worked with the likes of K Koke, USG, Malik (MD7) and many more. In the interview, Insane Macbeth breaks down his history and gives the viewer an in-depth insight, into his career and his future movements. This visual pays homage to a producer whose career spans over three decades, something of a rarity for a UK based Hip-Hop artist.

More recently, Insane Macbeth released his street single ‘Bow Down’ which featured Gloucester’s (G-City) Sparkplug, as well as superb remix which also featured Sparkplug, alongside the talents of Tuberculosis, BGR. & Ruffstylz. The street single is available now for FREE download at the links below.

Insane Macbeth Feat. Sparkplug, Tuberculosis, BGR & Ruffstylz – ‘Bow Down’ ‘(Remix)’ #FreeDownload

Insane Macbeth Feat. Sparkplug – Bow Down (Original) #FreeDownload

In addition, for those that are into the world of purchasing classic UK Hip-Hop vinyl, the classic I.M. featuring The Icepick ‘True Heart’ 12” collector’s item is still available, in black and limited edition red vinyl. For those who are interested, these could be obtained via contacting Insane Recordings direct at insanerecordings@aol.com

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Jinx – Welcome To My Circus (Hosted by @TrickstaUK) #Mixtape @JinkaBeval @UKRunnings @ParkStreetPR

Check out his latest music videos:

Jinx Feat A.G – We Wavey

Jinx Feat. Raggo Zulu Rebel – Stars Bright

Jinka Beval Presents Jinx – Welcome To My Circus (Track-list):

01 – Intro Feat. Tricksta
02 – Welcome To My Circus
03 – This Life
04 – We Gone Fly Feat. Ramone
05 – Molly Feat. Ramone
06 – Angels And Demons
07 – We Rolling Feat. AMB, A.G & Ramone
08 – Slag An I Like It
09 – Mula Feat. Ramone
10 – We Waved Feat A.G
11 – Twerk
12 – Big Bootay Hoe
13 – Captain Hook
14 – Frankinstien Feat. RZR & A.G
15 – How She Work it Feat. A.G
16 – She’s Got A Man Feat. Jordan
17 – Pain Strain An Struggle
18 – Blunts And Dreams Feat. RZR
19 – No Friends
20 – Reminisce

Download links:

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H.O.O.D Fellaz #Back4DaLastTime @OfficialHF @UKRunnings @ParkStreetPR @Caeza_HF @TrigzHF @Sherm_HF @Lullaby_HF

H.O.O.D Fellaz are back… and they are back for the last time! Not in the way that it’s their last release but in the way that they are never leaving the game again… this is the last time they are back!!!

With over ten years experience in the music game, H.O.O.D Fellaz (HF) came to the attention of urban music lovers when their music video ‘Myflo’ dropped on Channel U which was followed by their classic debut mixtape ‘So Far So Hood’. It was this release that cemented them in the music scene with a string of taste-makers championing their sound.

After a string of features on leading UK mixtapes HF continued to work hard releasing music videos and collaborating with various artists. In 2007 HF met up with mixtape deejay Tricksta, where it was decided that a full UK Runnings mixtape release should be recorded. The result was the 2011 mixtape release ‘New Years Resolution’, a fourteen track release that featured guest verses from Big Cakes and Raggo Zulu Rebel which was nominated for a OMA (Official Mixtape Award).

Now in 2014, HF release their brand new mixtape ‘#Back4DaLastTime’ hosted by Tricksta, a deejay who has done official mixtapes with the likes of French Montana, Red Café, Sheek Louch, Papoose and more. You’ve seen the videos on leading UK Rap channel UK Overstood already, but now it’s time to enjoy the full fourteen track mixtape excursion.

The line-up for H.O.O.D Fellaz might have changed a few times, but the message hasn’t. Core members Caeza, Trigz, Sherman Blacks and Lullaby are still representing fully along with new member Tints, and they are still about unleashing quality over quantity. HF are back and back like they never left… thank goodness it’s for the last time.

H.O.O.D Fellaz – Its Nothing #Video

H.O.O.D Fellaz – Put Your Hands Up #Video

UK Runnings Presents H.O.O.D Fellaz – #Back4DaLastTime (Track-list)

01 – Intro
02 – Put Ya Hands Up
03 – No Problems
04 – Off The Chain (Swagger)
05 – Change
06 – Ballin
07 – Call Of Duty
08 – Dam
09 – HF Clothing
10 – Do It Right
11 – Its Nothing
12 – Day Dream
13 – LL Cool J
14 – Work Hard

Download links:

Hosted, mixed & mastered by Tricksta
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BushBash Recordings ‘True Stories’ Feat. Bushkin #Video @BushBash @BushBashRecs @Louise_Pierre @ParkStreetPR


After entertaining thousands of clubbers across the globe for well over a decade Bushkin founding member of the prolific group “The Heartless Crew” has decided to cap off the end of this remarkable era with his account of the Heartless Crews’ journey in this heartfelt song entitled “True Stories”.

Bushkin is a talented young man who made his mark on the music scene during one of the most exciting and memorable era’s of UK music. Already boasting a career that spans over a decade. His talent, charisma and irresistible charm has found him a place in the hearts of thousands of music lover’s and taken him all over the world, representing the best the UK has to offer.

Being one third of the legendary group “The Heartless Crew” Bushkin is no stranger to success and during the groups peak achieved a top 20 hit with their debut single, ‘Heartless Theme aka Superglue Riddim’,and achieved further success as their first compilation album ‘Heartless Crew presents Crisp Biscuit’ reached number 3 in the compilation charts.

Bushkin’s unmistakeable charm stood out as the talented Heartless Crew shared the stage with acclaimed artists like Wyclef, DMX, Public Enemy and Sean Paul. It’s his thought-provoking lyrics, poignant delivery and energetic personality that make him impossible to pigeonhole but also one of the hottest stars in the UK.

After receiving MOBO nominations, UME awards, a Sidewinder UK People’s Choice award and hyping crowds around the globe, Bushkin continues to tear up all the rule books and set the music world alight.Now focusing on his own solo career , success with his singles ‘Fire’ and ‘Snowman’ have set the stage for Bushkin to get down to business and transcend into a star in his own right.

Although humbled by his accomplishments, Bushkin believes that through his music and work with new artists, listeners and clubbers alike will share his vision….that the world needs some ENERGY !

Please also check out our brand new launched website www.bushbashrecordings.com

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