Wilstar ‘Suicide Door’ (Prod. by Naughty Grammer Beats) #Review #Single #Video @xWilstarx @NaughtyGrammer ‎@ParkStreetPR


Wilstar ‘Suicide Door’ (Prod. by Naughty Grammer Beats) #MP3

Norwich might not be the first place you think of when it comes to UK urban music, but maybe that’s all about to change as one artist is really paving the way for his home city. Let us introduce you to Wilstar, a rapper who came to our attention last year when he collaborated with the extremely talented Nature The Kidd. His style has real cross potential and his bars are as good as his infectious hook-lines. This track is delivered with passion and has such a catchy vibe to it. Yeh like this, and we’re pretty sure you ‘will’ too! Go cop it from iTunes from the link above!!

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Big Dutty Deeze ‘Live Evil’ (Prod. by Dr. G) #Album #Review @BigDuttyDeeze @DrGProductionz @ParkStreetPR


This new album from UK Rapper BIG DUTTY DEEZE is something that shouldn’t be slept on. Eleven tracks deep this features the video singles ‘Bury Um In The Forest’, ‘Pentagram’ and ‘They Say’ as well as some other killer tracks such as banger like ‘Manson’ and ‘I Dont GIve A F**k’.

‘Live Evil’ has a vibe, a sound and feeling. Lyrically exciting and deeply conceptual, The beats from Dr. G are super dope and Deeze’s skills on the mic are incredible. Dope emcee with such a talent to tell it how it is. Big Dutty Deeze is fastly becoming my favourite UK emcee.

Big Dutty Deeze – Live Evil (Produced by Dr. G) Track-list:

01. Manson
02. They Say
03. There Was A Time
04. I Dont GIve A F**k
05. Bury Um In The Forest
06. In My Palm Feat. DJ Alzee
07. Merc The Mic
08. Pentagram
09. Honour Loyalty Respect
10. With This Faith
11. I Grew Up Feat Tommy DMO

MP3 download link;

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Big Dutty Deeze – Pentagram (Produced by Dr. G) #Video

Big Dutty Deeze ‘Bury Um In The Forest’ (Prod. by Dr. G) #Video

Big Dutty Deeze – They Say (Prod. by Dr. G) #Video

Words: Josh Powell

Encore ft. SonReal – NightLigh (Prod. By SuperStar O) #Review

Encore Feat. SonReal [Prod. By SuperStar O]

The song Encore, featuring SonReal is the last release off of Frak’s mixtape titled “NightLight”. Produced by SuperStar O, and engineered by none other than the talented SLY. The song has a blunt yet powerful message that carries relevance and ultimately describes Frak’s Commitment, dedication, and perseverance towards his career.

The young musician from Vancouver joins forces with this year’s Juno nominated artist to bring their fans a glimpse into their lives, while reassuring them that the impossible is truly possible. No matter how young or old, new or experienced a musician is; their goals are ultimately the same. To some day experience the feeling of euphoria that comes along with being called back on stage by hundreds if not thousands of people to perform an Encore.

Even though our dreams may seem farfetched, from time to time; Frak and SonReal simply want us to ask ourselves “how far are you willing to go in order to make our dreams reality”

Review by Josh Powell

K*Ners Feat. Genesis Elijah – Bringing It #Single #Review @K_Ners @GenesisElijah @ParkStreetPR

K*Ners new single featuring Genesis Elijah is something has been blowing up the UK scene ever since the video dropped a couple of weeks back that we posted. I am looking forward to the new project so much, especially if this is the standard he is going to keep up. Banging beats with clever wordplay and infectious hooks, there is no doubt this Bristol emcee is ‘bringing it’.

The video takes it back to the essence of what Hip-Hop s all about and of course a Hip-Hop video shot in K*Ners hometown of Bristol has to include graffiti! K*Ners is so much more than just your normal ‘run of the mill’ UK rapper, he has style, knowledge, experience and an a rising fan base.

Review by Josh Powell

K*Ners Feat. Genesis Elijah – Bringing It #Audio

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Ed West – Dem A Fight Feat. Parly B – Telephone Riddim #Video @edwestonline @parlyb @ReggaeRoast @ParkStreetPR

Ed West & Parly B Press Shot small

“One of the finest Reggae crews in the UK” according to Time Out, Reggae Roast have had a massive year in 2013. With sell out events, critically acclaimed releases and massive festival appearances, they have cemented their place as the number one sound in the new wave of British Reggae. Here is ‘Telephone Riddim’, their first offering for 2014, and what a way to kick off a new year! This is such a big track with superb vocals, concept and production.

Ed West – Dem A Fight Feat. Parly B – Telephone Riddim #Audio


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The Godfathers (Necro & Kool G Rap) ‘Once Upon A Crime’ (Prod. by Necro) #Review @Necro_is_God @TheRealKoolGRap @ParkStreetPR


As a pioneer of East Coast Hip-Hop, Kool G Rap is one of the most influential rappers of the past three decades. As a member of the ground-breaking Juice Crew alongside acts like Biz Markie, Masta Ace, Craig G and others, he really helped carve the NYC sound. Necro’s story is on the same tip, a man who is like a ‘one man industry’ running his label, rapping, producing and much more. On November 19th they release their collaborative project The Godfathers ‘Once Upon A Crime’ which will be released on RBC/Psycho+Logical-Records and we got to hear a pre-release copy.

Hard-hitting, clever lyricism with a heavy coat of grime, this album is not for the faint hearted! Most bloodthirsty of fans have been hyped off the videos and news that’s came in the last few weeks, and this eighteen tracker really is worth the wait. Unapologetically letting rip, the minimalistic sample approach to the production gives the whole album a sound, a vibe and a substance. It’s real Hip-Hop through and through, and banger after banger there’s plenty to get your teeth stuck into.

Over the past several years, there have been a few album collaboration albums that have really worked, Edo G & Masta Ace, Cannibus & Keith Murray, and even Kayne West & Jay-Z to an extent. They only work if the science and chemistry is right and that can be heard on ‘Once Upon A Crime’ on various cuts. It’s living proof that old skool concepts can exist and still sound super fresh; leaving fans little to complain about. There are so many killer tracks and it all bangs hard. This is definitely one of the best independent albums of 2013.

The Godfathers (Kool G Rap & Necro) ‘Once Upon A Crime’ Album Track-listing:

01 – Teflon Dons
02 – The City
03 – High Tension
04 – Punched Dead In The Face (Skit)
05 – Black Medicine
06 – Omerta
07 – The Pain
08 – Hustler
09 – We’ll Kill You
10 – Crook Catastrophe & The Gunblast Kid
11 – Unsub
12 – I Hate You (Skit)
13 – Gangsta
14 – Trigga 4 Hire
15 – American Sickos
16 – Wolf Eyes
17 – Heart Attack
18 – Once Upon A Crime

Pre-order links:

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Reviewed by Josh Powell

N.B.S. Ft. Reks “Til’ The World Ends” (produced by Alkota)


Reks worked with DJ Premier, Alkota with Kool G Rap, and they both work with N.B.S. Til’ The World Ends.N.B.S. unveils their first featured track from their upcoming album “The Smokefest” (available worldwide on 11/19), with a guest appearence from indi king Reks and beatsmith Alkota.Amongst a sea of uninspired unimaginative trite offerings, Til’ The World Ends stands heads and shoulders above the disposable artistry plaguing the current hip-hop landscape.

With the help of soundsmiths responsible for the success of 50 Cent, Wu-Tang Clan, Outkast, Busta Rhymes, and Jim Jones, true school hip-hop duo N.B.S. (cousins E’Flash and Vee Knuckles) are set to release their third full length effort entitled “The Smokefest” after a string of three self-booked international tours on four continents within the span of 12 months.

Undeniable chemistry, street savvy storytelling, and an unbridled business acumen have secured a ravenous fanbase for N.B.S. that defies borders and conventional wisdom. Focused on the personal and political intertwinings of a troubled life and big business, E’Flash and Vee Knuckles bounce between tempos and topics with a cohesion and chemistry that hasn’t been seen since the work of A Tribe Called Quest.

With a supporting cast of independent hip-hop favorites including Slaine (of La Coka Nostra), Bishop Lamont (Dr. Dre’s mentee), Reks, and Torae, a supporting multi-national tour and a hungry fan base the sky is the limit for “The Smokefest” and N.B.S.

DOWNLOAD “Til The World Ends” NOW

Also available to stream/download at SoundCloud + AudioMack.


Review by Josh Powell

Shakezpeare ‘Hip-Hop Isn’t Dead’ #Review @shakezspeare @parkstreetpr

Shakezpeare 500

Shakezpeare is a UK Rapper from Coventry who has just dropped his new album which features from the likes of MC Toddlah, Big Dutty Deeze, Unseen, Chrymes and Ricky Rox, and beats from Oaks Anop, Embra Beats, Charlie Mac, Tricksta, Naughty Grammar, Great Majesty, Roll Blunts, Coaste Beats and Chrymes. He has a razor sharp cutting edge feel with some nice punchlines. The tracks drop nice with some real gems on there. If you like real music then this is for you.

Download link:


Music Videos:

Shakezpeare Feat. Big Dutty Deeze – Raise Up A Glass

Shakezpeare – The Brink

Shakezpeare – Rydah Music

Shakezpeare Feat. Big Dutty Deeze & Unseen – Da Way We Living

Shakezpeare – Ra Tatta Ta

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Words: Josh Powell

F.T. (FUC THAT) “Don’t Die’ #Review


DJ Ready Cee, El Gant & Parakhan combine to form the might of KAMALA. After the release of two critically respected singles, Kamala have returned with a third offering in, ‘Modelo Music’. El Gant takes the rhyme reins and rides three razor sharp verses over an imperious DJ Ready Cee produced track. Kamala stands alone as unchanged men in a changing land by identifying with the idea of a pure Hip-Hop sound. By ignoring the creative boundaries of trying to be accepted by every age group, region or lifestyle, Kamala have achieved a restoration of the attitudes it took to create Hip-Hop in the first place and re-introduced it to the present day.

Review by Josh Powell

Ensite “I Wanna Be Free” #Video #Single #Review @ensite123 @parkstreetpr

Ensite Picture

Here is a UK trio that is well worth your attention. Their unique style is a clever and creative style that incorporates most inventive music genres from Rock to Pop, R&B to Reggae, Hip-Hop and Urban. Ensite are a group and act that are already making waves with this first single ‘I Wanna Be Free’ which is taken from their forthcoming long player ‘Private Party’. This single and video already shows their talent for well written and well produced songs with the added bonus of and well thought out concepts. Ensite are an act to watch out for, remember we told you!

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SMKA – The Hung Out : A3C Edition


A3C partnered with Revolt TV and Atlanta production crew, SMKA, to book the legendary Stankonia Studios during 2013 A3C Festival and produce an original mixtape, The Hang Out: A3C Edition. For 12 hours a day (Thursday, Oct 3rd through Saturday, Oct 5th) nearly 30 of the most talented up-and-coming artists at the 2013 A3C Festival came through Stankonia to record 15 original tracks produced by 808 Blake & Kato of SMKA, Prolyfic, DJ Burn One & Kamal of RadioActiveKids. For 3 days Stankonia became a must-attend destination for many of hip-hop’s elite MCs.

Artists include: Problem, Jarren Benton, Chuck Inglish, Boldy James, ForteBowie, Denzel Curry, King’s Dead, Kris Kassanova, Scotty ATL, J. Nics, Skyzoo, iNDEED, Cory Mo, Chill Moody, Kidd Kidd, 40 Akerz, Earthgang, Shawn Crystopher, Bizzy Crook, Cool is Mac, Chase Allen, GQ, Halo, Planet lV, Locksmith, Runway Richy, Doley Bernays, Phene, Sy Ari Da Kid, Jus Nice, Kelsey Lu, Phene, Drey Skonie, 2 Deep & More.

Josh Powell

UK Runnings Presents Unseen ‘Tell Me I’m Wrong’ (Hosted by Tricksta) @FollowUnseen @TrickstaUK @UKRunnings @ParkStreetPR


Wolverhampton rapper Unseen is somewhat a new name to us, but I do remember him from his outing on Big Dutty Deeze’s ‘Underdog’ album. His flow and vocal tone are very unique and his Midland’s accent and dialect is also stand alone. This is part of the appeal as is the honesty and sincerity in what his lyrics. This debut is something that Unseen should be proud of, with every box ticked. From amazing spits and solo tracks with killer hooks, he also has features from Big Dutty Deeze, Supar Novar, Lost Alliance, Lullaby from H.O.O.D Fellaz as well as battle rapper Baron Mynd and Wolverhampton rapper Big Ribzy. Make sure you grab this mixtape which is hosted by UK veteran Tricksta who also supplies a couple of killer beats. Unseen is another name to add to the list of rising artists from the Midlands, he is the bridge between intelligently thought out grime and new UK reality rap.

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Review by Josh Powell

Unseen ‘Ride 4 Me’ (Video)

Unseen ‘Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover’ (Video)

S. Kalibre – SK Ultra #Album @S_Kalibre @ParkStreetPR

S.Kalibre - SK Ultra Front500

Gee-O, Dead Man Walkn, Soul Theory, Sofa King London, Slap Up Mill, Rediculus and Architech all supply beats for this brand new album from the talented S. Kalibre, a name that I can remember being around since the golden days of Phi-Life Cypher, Task Force and Jehst. He has that distinctive Southern accent and dialect that is so gritty and raw, but then he also has the lyrics, song concepts and general flow to murk any beat. I think what’s good about this new collection is that’s it has different flavours, its like sitting down to a ten course meal with each track being a tasty munch. SK Ultra is one seriously dope hip-hop audio journey and shouldn’t be slept on. The album drops on October 29th make sure you look out for it!

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Music Videos:

Review by Josh Powell

River Nelson ‘The Shape of The Sky’ (Review) @Rivnel @LewisParker_ @DowntownSoul @ParkStreetPR

River Nelson Shape of The Sky (front 500)

River Nelson joins up with UK producer Lewis Parker, one of the main pioneers of the UK Hip-Hop sound as well as making tracks for legends such as Ghostface Killah from Wu Tang Clan. Here he has crafted another excellent soundscape for River Nelson to drop science on.

River Nelson, known as part of a member of 90’s Rap group Boogie Monsters, is a rapper that doesn’t brag about how much ice he has, or how many girls he gets. This is real music, grown folk music, music with substance and something that ‘real Hip-Hop heads’ will adore.

Thirteen tracks deep we get various styles and sounds, with some of the better tracks actually being the solo joints. There’s a lot of solid wordplay, uplifting messages and a views of life experiences. Big thumbs up for this one, its audio dope for B-boys & girls.

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Review by Josh Powell

UK Runnings Presents Nature The Kidd ‘Natures Way’ (Hosted by Tricksta) #Mixtape @NatureKiddMusik @UKRunnings @TrickstaUK @ParkStreetPR


Nature The Kidd is a name you might not be that familiar with but is a talent that has been doing his thing for a few years now. As part of Sons Of South he stepped out on a few integral UK releases almost a decade ago but until now has dropped a solo project.

‘Nature’s Way’ is a good well polished mixtape that really does have something for everyone. There’s original production and tracks over some beats you may know, there’s some killer collaborations some with acts you might know but all with killer concepts and execution.

Nature Graffiti

Being able to convey his various thoughts and ideas into good songs seems to be one of Nature’s strong points, as is his clear and precise delivery. He educates in parts, entertains in others but whatever tip he is on, you get a great sense of realness through this release.

Hosted by UK veteran Tricksta, this mixtape is ‘co-signed by the legendary UK Runnings mixtape series, the UK’s longest running UK Hip-Hop mixtape series. I really hope that this is the start of something; I am fiending for more Nature The Kidd already!

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Review by Josh Powell

Texas Bam ‘TwerkAholic’ (Single Review) @JonesOMalley @TexasBam @ParkStreetPR

New single from Texas rapper TEXAS BAM…

Twerk(COVER) 500 x 500

Download links:


Infectious and so energetic this new Twerking track is the latest offering from Dirty South emcee Texas Bam. This young Dallas raised talent has been putting down for a few months and with this new single you get a taste of how he could easily blow up if he got signed. With rappers like Young Jeezy, Yo Gotti, Waka Flocka and suchlike dominating the mixtape game and the airwaves, Texas Bam really fits into what is happening now in the urban Hip-Hop scene. This wont be everyone’s bag for those that like there beats to clap then this will be something you just won’t stop singing (or dancing too!). Don’t sleep on this banging club track and support by purchasing at the link below from ether iTunes or Amazon.

Review by Josh Powell


DeRon K. Nelson, 20 yrs. old, born in Kentucky, and raised in Dallas, TX. DeRon is the second child of four boys. Dallas is where DeRon was given the name Texas Bam or TBam. Born in a military family TBam moved around frequently. TBam first started rapping as a “free style” artist. When his parents observed how talented he was at rapping and making beats they booked him studio time in Dallas. At that time TBam made his first real rap song titled “FeFi” featuring his younger brother. It was during that studio session that TBam decided that he wanted to become a music producer.

In 2006 both his parents, received orders to be deployed to Iraq. TBam was sent to Radcliff, KY to stay with his grandparents. After moving to KY TBam continued rapping and finally received access to developing his own original music once his parents sent a birthday gift of a new computer and audio programs to get him started. During his two years in KY, TBam broke his C1/C2 cervical spine while playing basketball and had to wear a Halo for six months. TBam’s mom had then returned home from Iraq, and was stationed at Fort Bragg, NC. It had been one whole year when TBam and his family found out that he walked around with a broken neck on his return to North Carolina. In North Carolina TBam continued creating music and became popular around 71st High School. During TBam’s six month recovery in the Halo he focused on music production and writing.

In 2010 TBam started his own rap group by the name of “He Gettin Cash Rebelz.” TBam and his father decided it was time to make He Gettin Cash an official record label by legalizing and registering He Gettin Cash Records as a business. In 2010 Texas Bam released HGC Rebelz first mix tape, “Hotspitters Vol 1.” In 2011 Texas Bam released HGC Rebelz second mix tape “HGC.com.” In 2012 Texas Bam released his first solo mix tape “Vote TBAM for Mayor,” and produced label mate Dice first album called, “Rise Up.” This year 2013 Texas Bam released EP titles “OneWord,” which is available on DatPiff and his hot new single titled ‘TwerkAhloic,” which is distributed by LRT and Universal Music Group. The launching of Texas Bam production website http://www.producermode.com has new beats for lease or sell .

TBam- “Living in a halo was one of the turning points in my young life. The opportunities that has appeared before me and the many more blessing to come will not be taken for granted. If there is one thing that I have learned from this experience is I will NEVER BE SMALLER THAN MY DREAMS.”

Social Links for Texas Bam
http://www.producermode.com (Texas Bam beats website)

M-Acculate ‘Pain Is Momentary, Pride Is Eternal’ @m_acculate @parkstreetpr


Hailing from the North of the UK, Bradford to be exact comes M-Acculate with this monster 42 tracker with features from Georgia, Mik-e, Jimidkid, Meatman The Butcher, Karnage, Facetious, Jay oo, Jeffers, Silvatung, Mtley, Uncle Bungle, Hiphopcrates & Chopper and production from The Guru, Pro-P, Existence, Facetious, Tuk, Rez and Sarikey Beats.

Good concepts throughout this album is something fans of UK Boonbap will adore. With a solid flow and delivery we get a varied selection too which I liked. There is a new album due to in January, so his ethics match his skills which is nice to see. So many rappers try and follow where M-Acculate is crafting his own style. Original and refreshingly creative, this is something you need.

Download link:

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Review by Josh Powell

Mr 13, AKA Firts ‘Hate And Happiness’

BRAND NEW Single From MC/Radio Presenter/Battle Rapper Mr 13, AKA Firts! The West London Host Is Back With The 1st Single From His New EP, Entitled ‘Hate And Happiness’.

After generating over half a million views on Youtube, by featuring on well known entertainment channels such as SBTV, Grime Daily, Link Up TV, Press Play UK, Global Faction, New Sound Era, Black Budget And More. As well as building up an international fan base by competing in one of the world’s largest rap battle leagues, Don’t Flop. He is back with brand new music for his ever growing number of supporters.

As always, Mr 13 doesn’t like to see a Friday The 13th go by without a brand new release, and 13/9/13 is no different. He has teamed up with People’s Army, and former 2000 Fast Women vocalist, Big Frizzle. He has also drafted in his fellow EandDaniels collective member, J.Matrix. The 3 artists collaborate to bring you an uplifting song, perfect to end out what has been a glorious summer 2013.

The official video for the song is out now on the Don’t Flop Entertainment channel. Which is one of the largest online channels in the country. Boasting over 166,000 subscribers, and over 43 million views on their original content.

Special ‘Minds Eye’ #AlbumReview @RileyWallace @ParkStreetPR

Project Cover500

This is something that got brought to our attention last week and we’ve been playing it ever since. Let us introduce you to Special who with his album ‘Minds Eye’ has delivered a consistent and truly organic release. From the off you get the vibe straight away that his is more Timbaland boots and baggy jeans than snapbacks and skinny jeans, with its real authentic Hip-Hop boom bap feel. The rapping is tight as are the concepts but above all his flow and vocal tone are just so likeable. He has a certain way of dropping his verbs and words that makes him, well I guess… er.. Special!? Lol. On the real though check for this album, don’t call yourself a hip-hop fan unless you own a copy this!

Words: Josh Powell

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