Pete Prince ‘Copenhagen Made Me Different’ FreEP @PeterPrincePapi @ParkStreetPR

Pete Prince is a rapper/producer whose been living in the UK for just over ten years. Born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark he started rapping at the age of nine after hearing artists such as Jay-Z, Biggie, Tupac & Eminem. From there Pete Prince worked had studying his craft and it wasn’t long before he started to produce as well as rap. This talented musician has a passion and a feel for music which comes from the heart. This music isn’t forced, it’s well thought out creative master pieces that are destined to resonate with urban music fans on a global level.

Now in 2014 we get his brand new project ‘Copenhagen Made Me Different’ which is a six track self produced EP worthy of your attention. Just from the off set you can understand why so many artists are knocking down the door for a Pete Prince beat. He has produced for Black The Ripper’s number one UK Hip-Hop album ‘Married To Marijuana’ as well as producing for Harry Shotta, Exo (USG), Meeks, One i, JC, Skinny Stef, Prince Paslow & many more. Pete Prince has arrived, and he has done so in style. Don’t sleep on Pete Prince…

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Chance The Rapper – Good Enough (NEW EP!!!)


01. Chance The Rapper – Good Enough
02. Chance The Rapper – In My Place
03. Chance The Rapper – Something Bout Us
04. Chance The Rapper – Doctor Oz
05. Chance The Rapper – Hometown (Cali)
06. Chance The Rapper – NvrSayNvr
07. Chance The Rapper – Cruisin’
08. Chance The Rapper – Somewhere, Nowhere USA
09. Chance The Rapper – Home Again

Download HERE

Bink$ Win$ton – MANish EP @BinksWinston @ParkStreetPR

MANish (official cover) 500

When You Want To Hear The Truth, You Want Bink$ To Get In The Booth…

His name is Bink$ Win$ton – not “the other guy that be rappin’ with The D.I.M.E.” And his brand, Dolla Bill Entertainment, proudly presents “MANish”, his debut EP. Released on June 20 2013, “MANish” explodes with the truth, as seen through the eyes of Bink$. Consequently that truth is delivered in an unvarnished, rough edged crystal shot glass. Recorded with Grammy nominated engineer Jeremy Goody (Megasonic Sound), and mixed/mastered by Deagan Mack Adams (Ineffable Music), “MANish” is made beautiful in its design and simplicity – yet dangerously appealing as it lunges for your jugular. To any fan of good rap music, the “MANish” EP is agreeably “something to look forward to” (Lou Nutt, Murder Dog Magazine).

Despite the project’s provocative cover art, “MANish” reflects the arrogance and compassion of a not so conflicted man, whose disposition is being a native of the unforgiving streets of Oakland, California. Oakland’s truths are its mothers, its fathers, its city wide pride, blue collar mentality, pimps, homeless, its gangs and drugs, its hardened streets, as well as its green, rolling hills that constantly remind others both of where they are and where they will never reach. This is Oakland, “MANish”, and Bink$ Win$ton in all their contrasting glory.

Referred to as a “hip hop Phil Spector” (D. Scot Miller, East Bay Express), Bink$ Win$ton is the Executive Producer of this very fluid, entertaining EP. “MANish”, comprised of hard, melodic rhythms and heavy hearted bass is constructed with great care and deliberate precision. With guest appearances from The D.I.M.E., and original production from Bre$Ez, Bleszid, 8ight 5ive, and NastyFace, Bink$ skillfully offers a surreal vision to his listeners. From living your life out loud to being driven for success, “MANish” personalizes the experience on a level that is both relatable and tangible to listeners from every walk of life. While it is easy for men to feel Bink$ Win$ton, women alike can appreciate the honesty in his perspective and music.

To date Bink$’ music and videos can be found on over 100 hip hop sites/blogs worldwide – a google search would show that his material is not hard to find. And no stranger to the stage, he has opened for the likes of Slick Rick, San Quinn, Tash of Tha Alkoholiks, Iyaz, and K. Michelle to name a few. With that in mind, fans are encouraged to connect to him through social media and can expect promotional show dates throughout California through the fall and winter of 2013.

Bink$ Win$ton ‘MANish’ (Track-list):

01. Intro
02. This Shit Right Here
03. Oh My Feat. Chioke Of The Dime
04. Ridin’ High Feat. Noquestion, The Dime & Annette Taylor
05. STOP!
06. Momma Say Feat. K.nightshift
07. Turn Off My Phone
08. Make Up
09. The MANuscript
10. FM Radio Feat. The Dime

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Night Movements – Dark Army (Video) & The 8th Circle (EP) @NightMovements @Exa_NMS @OfficialWiseOne @HyksosNMS @KamsNMS @ParkStreetPR

nms 8th circle 500

Night Movements are a collective of emcees and producers from Birmingham, UK who have been making waves in the Hip Hop scene ever since they dropped their self titled ‘NMS’ debut album back in February. Since then they have been working hard on a number of projects, live shows and music videos. Now they unleash this superb four track EP which sees Exa, Hyksos, Wize One & Kams join forces. Lyrically they hit the spot with a darker themed extended player that is complimented by a music video for the lead track ‘Dark Army’. There’s no doubting Night Movements have arrived, and with an impressive back catalogue and future release schedule, things are looking bright this talented West Midlands crew.

Night Movements – The 8th Circle #EP (Tracklist):

1. Hydrazine (Produced by Rem Vincere)
2. Tangent Universe (Produced by Exa)
3. Get Burnt (Produced by Exa)
4. Dark Army (Produced by Exa)

Download link:

Don’t forget to catch Night Movements performing live…

November 23rd @ Beats & Bars, Wolverhampton
November 29th @ Camouflage, Birmingham
December 26th @ Highgrade, Birmingham

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Night Movements – Dark Army #Video

Night Movements – Waste Of Space #Video

Night Movements – No Love #Video

Multiple Skillz & Reaper On Beatz ‘The Phoenix EP’ @MultipleSkillz @ReaperOnBeatz @ParkStreetPR

The Phoenix (front)

Here is ‘The Phoenix EP’ a nine track collaboration EP between rapper Multiple Skillz and producer Reaper On Beatz. This EP displays the range of universal sounds that both artists have and is something all rap fans should be up on. London emcee Multiple Skillz is really gearing up to drop a barrage of quality new material, as well as already recently releasing the superb ‘When 2 Worlds Meet’ with producer J Dot Musik. Multiple Skillz feels that the importance of producers is over looked by the underground rap industry so with that in mind he wants to highlight their work.

Multiple Skillz & Reaper On Beatz ‘The Phoenix EP’ (Tracklist):

01 – Intro
02 – Doin Me
03 – Bad B_tch
04 – Yeaaaaa!!!
05 – No More
06 – Open Your Eyes
07 – Daily Feat. Kapps
08 – Never Wanna
09 – Chasing A Dream

Download link:

Multiple Skillz & Reaper On Beatz ‘The Phoenix EP’ (Videos):

Multiple Skillz & Reaper On Beatz – Open Your Eyes

Multiple Skillz & Reaper On Beatz – No More

Multiple Skillz & Reaper On Beatz – Doin Me

Multiple Skillz & Reaper On Beatz – Yeaaaaa!!!

Also download Multiple Skillz & J Dot Musik ‘When 2 Worlds Meet’


F.T. (FUC THAT) “Don’t Die’ #Review


DJ Ready Cee, El Gant & Parakhan combine to form the might of KAMALA. After the release of two critically respected singles, Kamala have returned with a third offering in, ‘Modelo Music’. El Gant takes the rhyme reins and rides three razor sharp verses over an imperious DJ Ready Cee produced track. Kamala stands alone as unchanged men in a changing land by identifying with the idea of a pure Hip-Hop sound. By ignoring the creative boundaries of trying to be accepted by every age group, region or lifestyle, Kamala have achieved a restoration of the attitudes it took to create Hip-Hop in the first place and re-introduced it to the present day.

Review by Josh Powell

FDot1 and Rediculus – Dedicated EP @FDot1 @Rediculus @SlingTheory @ParkStreetPR


Brand new EP from US producer Rediculus with rapper Fdot1, an emcee that has impressed us before. This is dope Hip-Hop that just simply bangs, make sure you grab this and check the video below. Quality stuff…

Follow Rediculus and Fdot1:

Produced by Rediculus for Knowledge Giving Birth Productions
Vocals recorded and mixed by FDot1
Songs mixed by Rediculus for Knowledge Giving Birth Productions
Mastered by Roger Quinn for Classic Audio Mastering

Fdot1 and Rediculus – Let’s Go (Unofficial Video)

Cheech – Hacksaw Grim Duggan EP

Fresh off the release of the well received Bluntskins album, Cheech & Pro P, 2/3rd’s of the Bluntskins team up again to release a new free 6 track Ep in the run up to the soon to be released Cheech Solo album which is in the works right now due for release towards the years end/start of the new year. The Hacksaw Grim Duggan Ep gives a flavour of whats to come from Cheech’s solo material but also features fellow Manchester mc’s Fabz (Meeting Martin), Spider Jaroo (NSR) and The Mothership Connection (Goshin, Legion, Dubbul O & Cheech)

Download/Stream The Ep @

Big Chris “In One Hand” #Mixtape @BigChrisRnB @LilFatsC2C @ParkStreetPR


“Big Chris is an artist that offers more than you’re your regular rapper as he also sings and produces..”

Big Chris hits hard with his new mini-album mixtape, a nine track urban excursion into various urban vibes. Destined to blow, Big Chris really does have all the bases covered.

Download links:


LATE – Underground Rhyming #EP #Review @OfficialLATE @ParkStreetPR


There’s so much good UK Rap out at the moment and LATE has always been a consistent act, but I really like what he does here as he goes down the international route working with four different acts out of Houston. My personal big choice cuts are the ones featuring Rapper K and the Thugstar colloboration. Really big tracks,m massive production and on point concepts from a seasoned veteran!

Download the EP by clicking HERE


Review by Josh Powell

72thesign – Sign Language EP (Review) @72thesign @ParkStreetPR


Download links:

Here’s the debut EP from 72thesign, a rapper living in the Cambridgeshire/Peterborough area but originally from South London. Already number one on the Reverb Nation chart for his manor, this eight tracker is a ‘must get’ if you like your Hip-Hop with lyrics, bars and consciousness. Make sure you get this.


Notoriety ‘Well Rested’ (Produced by GxWay) Review @NotorietyMusic


Underground rap music is rife with high expectations with fans expecting high standards and something new and fresh. What makes it even harder is the pure over saturation of acts from the US all making the same old song. Inevitably this has meant that the genre has been deemed lackluster next to the ‘good old days’. Notoriety are somewhat original, reminding me of loads of 90’s hip-hop groups such as Boogiemonsters, Artifacts, Black Sheep but have the modern focus too which lines them up nicely alongside Pro Era, Ab Soul, Flatbush Zombies etc. It’s Hip-Hop through and through, with lashings of soulful tings and funk blues basslines. The levels are high with top notch beats and clever rhymes. This EP is the most potent exploration yet of one of the most interesting groups in rap music and I really hope this is the start of more. Me personally I would love to see a new full length album.

Notoriety ‘Well Rested’ download links:

Words: Josh Powell

Joe Blow & Ral Duke ‘Leviticus’ EP (@SquidNinjaz Records) @JoeBlow_77 @RalDuke @ParkStreetPR

leviticus ep500

SOUTH WALES rap veteran Joe Blow presents his latest release ‘Leviticus’, flanked by fellow Barry Town emcee Ral Duke, produced by QRED, and also featuring DJ Jaffa and New York based rapper Diabolic.

Joe Blow first started penning rhymes over Public Enemy and Ice T intros in the early 1990s. With a string of EP and 12” appearances to his name, he released his debut solo release the ‘Smoking Skills’ EP in 2008, hot on the heels of the universally acclaimed Metabeats ‘Metaphysical’ LP which had piqued peoples interest in the rap scene in South Wales. Joe followed this up by project managing the Squid Ninjaz ‘Revenge Of The Blowfish’ album in 2009. This album exposed the murky back alley hip hop goings on in South Wales, and introduced us to a whole crew of emcees and producers working under the collective guise of ‘Squid Ninjaz’. A young Ral Duke was one such emcee to appear on this album. Joe released his debut album ‘Dead Man Smoking’ in 2012 to widespread acclaim.

Ral Duke is part of Joe Blow’s Squid Ninjaz crew. With features on the Squid Ninjaz ‘Revenge Of The Blowfish’ album as well as his own E.P releases such as ‘The Attic Stash’ and the ‘Odd Socks EP’ with Gambit Mugraw, Ral Duke will now share rhyming duties with Joe Blow on the forthcoming ‘Leviticus’ EP.

The new EP features six tracks and is named Leviticus. Production comes from QRED (Spektre, Dirtbag Committee, Cult Vadar), with cuts from South Wales scene stalwart DJ Jaffa. One track called ‘Sodom’ features Long Island, New York rapper Diabolic. A collaboration suggested by Diabolic on the strength of him being impressed by previous Squid Ninjaz material.

In Joe Blow’s own words it is “is probably the best track I’ve ever put out”

Joe Blow & Ral Duke Feat. DJ Jaffa – Eye Of Newt (Live Performance)

Joe Blow & Ral Duke ‘Leviticus’ EP (Tracklisting)

1. The Gods Are Here(Intro)
2. Ill Armchair
3. Sodom Feat. Diabolic
4. Stalk Them
5. No Place To Cry
6. Nylon Mask
7. Eye Of Newt
8. Gutter Level Exit(Outro)

Produced by QRED (Spektre, Dirtbag Committee, Cult Vadar)
Cuts and scratches by DJ Jaffa.

Download link:


Blasfima Sinna ‘Capital Letters 2’ (Free Download EP) @YouSonixRecords @ParkStreetPR


Edinburgh’s Blasfima Sinna has dropped this brand new five track EP that is well worth checking if you like real Hip-Hop music. The beats come heavy from the likes of Konnsky, Nasty P, Pryzmat, UV Beatz and C-Bas with guest appearances from the likes of well known rhymers King Response, Werd and Conscious Route. This release has that real essence of Hip-Hop running throughout with a good selection of samples and nice cuts too. This is dope from the start to the finish, you need this.

Blasfima Sinna ‘Capital Letters 2’ (Track-listing)

01. Persistence (Prod. by Konnsky. Cuts by DJ U-Turn)
02. Run The Trak Feat. Conscious Route (Prod. by Nasty P)
03. The Search Feat. King Response (Prod. by Pryzmat)
04. Confidence (Prod. by UV Beatz)
05. In The Game Feat. Werd of S.O.S (Prod. by C-Bas)

Download link

Blasfima Sinna – Persistence (Music Video)

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Harry Fraud – High Tide


Late last year Harry Fraud lit up Scion AV with his single “Mean,“ featuring French Montana and Action Bronson. Now one of the killing it-est producers in hip-hop right now has returned with the free High Tide EP for Scion AV.

01 Rising Ft. Tech N9Ne
02 Loopy Ft. Smoke Dza & Chinx Drugs
03 Tell Em Bout It Ft. Mista Fab & Troy Ave.
04 Mean Ft. French Montana & Action Bronson
05 Yacht Lash Ft. Earl Sweatshirt & Riff Raff

Download link

Razor – The Distraction EP – OUT NOW!!! @razorartist @parkstreetpr

Distraction Therapy Mixtape Cover 2 JPG 500

North West London artist Razor has spent the last few years networking tirelessly and raising his profile with a series of nationally recognised mixtapes, magazine features and award nominations for Exposure Music and The Official Mixtape Awards.

‘The Distraction’ is Razor’s latest EP and the follow up to 2012’s ‘Progression’ release. With this release Razor again uses his music as expression, as therapy, as catharsis; speaking on the events in his life that could have shut down him and his rise, and confronting them through his art.

Recently Razor emerged as the winner of the ‘In It To Win It’ rap competition, going up against artists like English Frank, Pyrelli and Jammin and has subsequently had the video for his song ‘Closer’ produced by Link Up TV – adding to his growing catalog of videos in rotation, including those featured on Channel AKA’s Hoodtube playlist.

Razor has also performed at open mic showcases across the city, including those hosted by DJ Charlie Sloth (BBC 1Xtra) and DJ Quincy (Choice fm), and has recently expanded beyond London, all the while pursuing his own strategy of independent distribution and promotion. Plans for touring Ayia Napa along with DJ Quincy are currently in process.

Razor – The Distraction EP (Track-listing)

01 – The Distraction (Intro)
02 – The Signs Feat. Tevyn J
03 – The Relationship
04 – The Break Up
05 – The Closure (Interlude)
06 – The Cure
07 – The Distraction (Outro)

Download links:

Razor – The Signs Feat. Tevyn J (Music Video)

Connect with Razor:

Multiple Skillz & J.DotMusik ‘When Two Worlds Meet’ @MultipleSkillz @JDot_Musik @Ms_Shelina @ParkStreetPR


Multiple Skillz teams up with producer J.DotMusik for this superb new EP… ‘When Two Worlds Meet’. There’s a good mixture of harder more trap styled sounds as well as soulful more urban vibes here. This is right up our street and we honestly believe it will be up yours too. I love this emcee’s tone and flow, very confident and stylish.

Multiple Skillz & J.DotMusik ‘When Two Worlds Meet’ Download link:

Connect with Multiple Skillz

Words: Josh Powell

Footsie – Spookfest [OUT NOW!]


After creating a buzz with his series of Mixtapes Zoot Break 1 and 2, Footsie is back with another street anthem featuring grime heavy weights such as JME, Jammer, P Money, Chronik and Newham General partner D Double E. Included in the bundle is a BANGING REMIX BY FILTH COLLINS and the instrumental PRODUCED BY FOOTSIE himself has also been added to the bundle!

Danny Spice Feat. Kool Sphere, Craig G, Oxygen, Simple One & DJ Mr Thing “The King Amongst Thieves EP” (EP Vinyl & MP3 OUT NOW)

Artist: Danny Spice ft Kool Sphere, Craig G, Oxygen, Simple One & DJ Mr Thing
Title: The King Amongst Thieves
Format: EP – 12″ Vinyl & MP3 Download
Cat No: COG004

Stream/Download MP3:

Purchase 12″ Vinyl:

The self confessed vinyl junky returns with the full length EP his 2011 “King of The Beat” 7 inch was lifted from. This EP is already receiving major support from some of the leading tastemakers in the Hip-Hop world including support from the legendary DJ Premier on his radio show.

Aside from the fancy hardware kit the main emphasis behind the project is on records. A dedication to his two favourite stores (as pictured on the sleeve) and the twenty + years he has been lurking around the racks in them. Whether it was spending all his school dinner money in the bargain bucket as a child, pointlessly browsing as a broke teenager or sending his ten year old daughter into a state of boredom in more recent times from the hours spent trawling through crates of audio crack. If you ever need to find him, you can bet your bottom dollar it won’t be long before he surfaces in the record shop.

This contained project is by no means a solo effort though, more a meeting of the minds who all equally romanticise all things past, set over Danny’s collage of sound. From Queens legend Craig G to Kool Sphere of Verbal Threat’s classic block party style hooks, Oxygen’s thought provoking poems and Germanys Simple One laying down his trade mark warm monotone flows. This record is without a shadow of a doubt paying homage to the sound of New York. Add a little former Scratch Pervert DJ Mr Thing to the mix every angle is covered.

The King Amongst Thieves?!? More like the King’s Amongst Thieves. ENJOY

Danny Spice – King Amongst Thieves (Track list)

1. The Heist ft Kool Sphere
2. King of The Beat ft Craig G
3. The Treble ft Kool Sphere
4. Inner City Kings ft Oxygen
5. Raising Bars ft Simple One
6. King of The Beat (Instrumental)
7. Inner City Kings (Instrumental)
8. Raising Bars (Instrumental)

Connect with Danny Spice:

A.C. & Ryujin – End of Times EP (Free Download)

There are not many UK emcees that have shifted over 45,000 cd’s on the streets and there are not that many UK emcees that have been as consistent as AC in 2012. These are two of the many reasons why I love what AC does.

Here AC teams up with Ryujin who is a producer signed to Black Wall Street Records and is also part of Infamous Haze’s production team “Purple Gang”. He has done beats for the likes of Jim Jones, French Montana, McLean, Nu Jerzey Devil, Papoose, Fred the Godson and more, and as this EP highlights he really is a great talent.

This EP is food for thought as AC hints maybe it is the ‘End Of Times’ but always keeping it entertaining even when being intellectual in a lyrical way. A.C is a rapper you can trust, because time after time he delivers. Go get this now!

Download links:

Connect with AC

Connect with Ryujin

Words Josh Powell