@Yaeo #BrandyDreams!! (TheLondonWave/UK CokeBoys) Review

Yaeo - Brandy Dreams (Front Cover) 500

The temperature is rising. I can feel a new wave. A London Wave… that’s right folks this is a win – win situation. If you’re like me and on the ball then you’ll already know about Yaeo. Think about it… you downloaded the F.L.I.P Mixtape with UK Runnings right? Well this is the rapper that kills it on the remix of the ‘Reppin’ track. What’s more, he is a one man army, a true musical entrepreneur and has already had the thumbs up from French Montana and Max B, two really big legends in the New York scene.

‘Brandy Dreams’ is a mixtape that reflects where Yaeo is as an artist. It really gives you a full scope of what he is about and what vibe to expect from the full length debut album that drops in 2013. This mixtape is a real mixtape, utilising sound effects and drops from some of the scene’s biggest rappers and mixtape deejays, Yaeo himself is probably unaware of how much of a future classic this is. With killer collaborations with the likes of Cerose, Queen Vic and Wordsmiff all impressing, this collection also has those solo tracks that really give depth to the mixtape.

This is an enjoyable release because it doesn’t sound like anything else. In fact it would be true to say that Yaeo doesn’t sound like anything else, or maybe in fact it’s probably best to say that nothing sounds like Yaeo. I’m in, I’m feeling this mixtape and the whole vibe and the whole international appeal is inspiring. Let’s hope he could be an emcee from the UK who could do well in the UK as well as the USA.

Words: Josh Powell

Yaeo ‘Brandy Dreams’ (Full Tracklisting)

01. French Montana Intro
02. FlipLife Freestyle Feat. Supar Novar
03. They Don’t Like Me
04. MHawk Gang Feat. Queen Vic & Wordsmiff
05. One Of Us Feat. Ruthless
06. Gang 4 Life
07. Run Of Tha Mill Feat. Cerose
08. Holla If U Need Me Feat. Max B
09. Call 4 Help Feat. Wordsmiff
10. Dog Or Snake
11. That Distant Land
12. Red Stripe Blue Alize Feat. Renee
13. In & Out Tha Hood Feat. Bigga Threat

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@Tblessartist featuring Ras Star – Nine To Five


Talented UK artist TBLESS has released his new video and because its Christmas he’s decided to give it you free! What a tunnnneee!!! Shout out to Rekless Beats who killed the beat on this one!

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Macca – 25 [DEBUT ALBUM] – OUT NOW @MaccaStayFresh

00 Macca - Twenty Five Artwork

Macca’s debut album is released on 17th December and across 16 tracks he shares with the world his experiences of life, death, relationships, hopes and dreams; whilst also showcasing his energy, musical diversity and versatility. Macca provides a interestingly unique and mature perspective of life in the Midlands with a refreshing mix of hip-hop,grime,RnB and RnG that transcends race, age,sex, location or social status; regardless of what genre you want to call it, it is undeniably good music.

ITUNES LINK: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/25/id581977029

LIMITED EDITION PHYSICAL COPY: http://www.StayFreshMusic.Bigcartel.com


Production on 25 comes from the cream of the UK (Swifta Beater, Preditah, Teddy Music, Wizzy Wow) and also features a range of upcoming Midlands based producers (Moky, CRT, Averix and Mr Figz). Macca keeps collaborations to a minimum, with appearances coming from fellow StayFresh label-mates (J1, Pressure and Raider), Moorish Delta 7 hip-hop legend Malik, Jwls and also Midlands based singers Luke Truth, Candy and Teresa.