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LATE releases his brand new four track EP ‘The Hip-Hop Representer’ produced by Tricksta as well as dropping this new freestyle video!!!!


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LATE Feat. Calico – In The Lab (Produced By Tricksta)

LATE Feat. Fes Taylor – We Get It Worldwide (Produced By Tricksta)

The Black OpEra – Overture

The Black Opera launched its first mission last year with Overture. The 7-track audio demonstration was the first glimpse of the secretive conglomerate of artists and musicians that act as counter-cultural operatives. Hidden in plain sight, Overture turned heads with production from 14KT, Apollo Brown, Rhettmatic, SlopFunkDust, J-Rell, and Nick Speed. Mello Music Group is providing the people with this introduction, Overture, free in an effort to recruit more people to the movement.

Gotham Green & Quickie Mart, “Natural Progression” feat. Jabee, Freddie Gibbs, Grafh, Wax, T. Mills guest on “Haze Diaries, Vol. 4″

NY rapper Gotham Green and New Orleans producer Quickie Mart present “Natural Progression” featuring Oklahoma rapper Jabee. “Progression” is from the forthcoming fourth installment of their Haze Diaries series, following the video for “Hard Way”, “New York Times” featuring Grafh and “Everything” featuring El Prez. HDV4 is also set to feature CTE signee Freddie Gibbs,

Columbia Records artist T. Mills, Def Jam rapper Wax, singer/songwriter/musician Jes Hudak, L.A.’s BLX Crew and more. Previous Haze Diaries volumes have featured Gibbs (watch the “Tell Me Something” video), Planet Asia (watch the “Game Change” video), Medusa, IamOmni and more.

Quickie Mart produces every track on HDV4. Quickie recently released the Space Monkey Radio dubstep remix EP as well as the second volume of Balkan/bounce fusion project Gypsyphonic Disko. In 2008 Jabee released the DJ Vadim-produced Blood Is The New Black and was a 2010 URB Magazine Artist To Watch.

Guilty Simpson & Apollo Brown “Dice Game”

Two Detroit titans, Apollo Brown and Guilty Simpson, are joining forces for a collaborative album on Mello Music Group. The album is Dice Game. Someone once said that life’s a gamble. Kinda like shootin dice in an alley. The risk is high but the gain is higher, and when it’s all said and done, you hold your breath and collect your dues. With lyrics that grip like a handful of ones, and beats that hit like ivory on cement, this album is just that, a Dice Game. This week AMAZON is running a special $6.99 sale on the new album!

Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson “Dice Game”

Soldjasoulz ‘Soulz of the Storm’ (Review)

This is something that all UK Rap fans need to get up on… this is a dope new thirteen track album featuring the likes of Main Flow, J. Karma and Franko Fraize with production from Tricksta, Reds and I.C. This quality from the start and has such a wide range style of beats giving the album a full diverse sound.

Reds is one emcee who has been around for a while, I remember early releases from Chronic Redeye, before hooking up with I.C, a producer who really gets into his sound well. The other half of Soldjasoulz is UK Hip-Hop legend DPF who releases on Son Records are considered underground classics by the more discerning UK Hip-Hop fans.

The album kicks off with two nice Tricksta produced beats that a more harder and deeper edge feel to them then some of his other production, you can deem that as a bad thing if you’re stuck in your ways of thinking, but for me it opens up a side to Soldjasoulz that impressed me. ‘Storm Warning’ has a ragga-ish type hook with some killer bars and excellent wordplay.

‘Night Breed’ featuring Main Flow and produced by Reds is an album highlight as is the IC produced ‘Know Ya Roots’ featuring Franko Fraize. On the whole this album has so many good tracks and to be honest I found it a great listen. ‘Soulz Of The Storm’ is one of this months best underground UK Hip-Hop releases without a shadow of a doubt. We’re loving this!

You can download this now from:

Words: Josh Powell

Tbless Exclusive Interview

Thanks for passing by Please introduce yourself and tell us about what you have released to date.

My name is Tbless, I’m an artist that only deals with the truth, I’m the voice of the unheard, I try to reflect the feelings of ordinary people. I’ve released several projects in my career so far. My first album ‘the first blessing’ which was like a snapshot of my life at that moment in time. I collaborated with an artist from Texas on a few projects such as The ‘texas2london ep’, ‘texas2london da Mixtape’ and ‘texas2london it’s taboo’ and had a few singles but nothing worth bragging about to be honest. That whole texas2london thing just side tracked me from what I’m supposed to be doing but I’m back on track now. I’ve been doing this for a while, so if you google me you’ll find a whole back log of videos.

Where do you live and what is it there? What’s the main Hip-Hop radio show in your city?

I’m from north London and as far as main hip hop shows I couldn’t say, every dj and every show is bringing something to the table.

When did you start making music and more importantly why did you decide to make music?

Basically I been writing lyrics since 2000, when i was a kid and me and my boys would just be out on the roads getting up to all kinds of shit as you do when you’re at them ages but I would always have a pen and pad on me. It just came naturally to me, I was always the quiet one in my crew i didn’t really know how to express my thoughts in a conversation so I found that my rhymes could explain what was really on my mind and tell the story’s of what we were exposed to. My lyrics were just personal to be honest but my boys would be like “yo T let me hear suttin” so I would start rhyming and people were feeling it. But didn’t start recording songs till like 2005.

When did you release your first song and what was the response like?

My first release was a single called ‘uk tingz’ back in 2008 which was on my first album ‘The first blessing’. The video for uk tingz was on channel u at the time and got a good response because visually it was a bit experimental, people liked the song because the lyrics had humour but were true at the same time. I mean even now people come across that song and still like it so yeah it’s blessed.

Let’s talk about your latest project. Where can we get it, who features and what label is it on?

Ok so the new project is my album, following on the from “The First Blessing” (the name of my first album), its called “The second coming”. It’ll be released in the first half of 2013, I’m still finalising tracks so no specific date yet. The first single ‘Rebirth’ is out now on itunes and most other digital sites and it features a friend of mine, singer Orlando. The video is out on YouTube now and so far has been accepted on BET so look out for that. The meaning behind the video is basically how the music game has made me feel, like I’ve been shut out and ignored. But to reach success we gotta struggle you feel me so it’s all good. I’m not signed so it’s all my work and my own money funding my projects

How long did it take to create and finish?

I would say 2 years, which I know is long for an album but I spent a lot of time thinking and re evaluating my place in this game plus we got life’s bullshit to deal with too, you feel me. I mean 2 years ago I released a semi successful single but it wasn’t really the kind of music I wanted to make. I felt like I was working with the wrong people, the management I had wasn’t looking out for me it didn’t feel like a the right team. Everybody around me was just trying to use what I was doing to benefit them. But I’m not here to spread negativity so good luck to them.

If I was in the streets and you came up to me with your latest release to try and sell it to me, what would you say? What major points would be in your sales pitch?!!

I don’t really like pitching to be honest, I have done the street hustle with CDs and its not for me, these days theres more powerful tools to utilise but at a push I would say that I’m out here trying to do something different. I’m reflecting the problems of regular people, it’s hard times for people out here right now so I don’t think it’s cool to brag about your cars and jewels. I’m trying to turn negatives into positives and hopefully people that listen to my music will be inspired to do the same thing. That’s what the album and the single is all about. That’s the concept I’m working from.

Being totally honest, do you still buy music? If so where do you get your CD’s from?

You know what I do still buy music, unfortunately I haven’t bought a cd in a while but I use iTunes, the last album I bought was dmx’s new album.

Do you like any other styles of music outside your genre?

Of course! Could be anything it depends on the song and what feeling if gives me. I’m not gonna sit here and name genres I like so i would say all genres it all depends on the song.

So how can promoters book you for shows and what does your live show entail?

Best thing to do is contact me directly as I have no Managment. @tblessartist. At my live shows I will get you zoned in to the music. The most important thing for me is to get my emotions out and get the crowd feeling what I’m feeling.

Good luck for the future. Anything you want to add before you go?

Thank you and yeah i just want to say i appreciate everybody supporting me and my music so far. I’m still living the struggle so I feel you and I’m just trying to make the world feel me.


Interview by Karl Hargrave

Danny Spice Feat. Kool Sphere, Craig G, Oxygen, Simple One & DJ Mr Thing “The King Amongst Thieves EP” (EP Vinyl & MP3 OUT NOW)

Artist: Danny Spice ft Kool Sphere, Craig G, Oxygen, Simple One & DJ Mr Thing
Title: The King Amongst Thieves
Format: EP – 12″ Vinyl & MP3 Download
Cat No: COG004

Stream/Download MP3:

Purchase 12″ Vinyl:

The self confessed vinyl junky returns with the full length EP his 2011 “King of The Beat” 7 inch was lifted from. This EP is already receiving major support from some of the leading tastemakers in the Hip-Hop world including support from the legendary DJ Premier on his radio show.

Aside from the fancy hardware kit the main emphasis behind the project is on records. A dedication to his two favourite stores (as pictured on the sleeve) and the twenty + years he has been lurking around the racks in them. Whether it was spending all his school dinner money in the bargain bucket as a child, pointlessly browsing as a broke teenager or sending his ten year old daughter into a state of boredom in more recent times from the hours spent trawling through crates of audio crack. If you ever need to find him, you can bet your bottom dollar it won’t be long before he surfaces in the record shop.

This contained project is by no means a solo effort though, more a meeting of the minds who all equally romanticise all things past, set over Danny’s collage of sound. From Queens legend Craig G to Kool Sphere of Verbal Threat’s classic block party style hooks, Oxygen’s thought provoking poems and Germanys Simple One laying down his trade mark warm monotone flows. This record is without a shadow of a doubt paying homage to the sound of New York. Add a little former Scratch Pervert DJ Mr Thing to the mix every angle is covered.

The King Amongst Thieves?!? More like the King’s Amongst Thieves. ENJOY

Danny Spice – King Amongst Thieves (Track list)

1. The Heist ft Kool Sphere
2. King of The Beat ft Craig G
3. The Treble ft Kool Sphere
4. Inner City Kings ft Oxygen
5. Raising Bars ft Simple One
6. King of The Beat (Instrumental)
7. Inner City Kings (Instrumental)
8. Raising Bars (Instrumental)

Connect with Danny Spice: