Tricksta ‘Out Of Darkness Cometh Light’ (RGS Entertainment) OUT NOW

Out now on digital and coming next month on full CD release comes this great new album from Midlands’s producer Tricksta, the man behind the rather successful UK Runnings mixtape series. Over forty rappers on here with some serious collaborations between some of our favourite rappers all on one album. ‘Death By Dishonor’ is a choice cut which sees Iron Braydz, Scorzayzee & Ramson Badbones all kill a solid beat from Tricksta. Other tracks worth noting are the superb ‘For The Slums’ with Wordsmiff, Big Ben & Supar Novar all going in hard and ‘Step Steady’ which sees Cyclonious, Karl Hinds, Genesis Elijah & MCD all give up great verses. This album is much more than just a couple of songs; it’s definitely an album, something that can be listened to from start to finish. A great album, great production and well executed great idea which makes the album just so great!!!

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Words: Josh Powell