Rago Magazine Presents ‘Taking It Worldwide Volume 3′ (Out Now!)

The UK’s number one on-line magazine for Hip-Hop & Urban music ‘RagoMagazine.com’ is back with their third volume of ‘Takin It Worldwide’. Once again they unleash some quality UK and USA music, this time with a staggering twenty-three tracks! All the artists who feature on here are all independent artists and this a real testament to the underground scene.

01 – LATE Feat B-Cide – All City Hustlin (Produced by Tricksta)
02 – Sir Tomz – Tell Dem Already (Produced by Sir Tomz)
03 – Gonja – Ounces of Kush ft. Cincinnati’s Flee, and Dojha (Produced by Gonja)
04 – Dave Bass Productions Feat Redz & Blackz – Drama Bangs On (Produced by Dave Bass)
05 – So O.D. – 1 Spliff (Produced by Joey C)
06 – Rising Son – OosSH! (Produced by Loop G)
07 – Da Kid M.A.T.T.Feat. K I Trubb – Graduation (Produced by Super Star O)
08 – Big PSG – No Mercy (Produced by Tritone)
09 – Maff Test – Made Of (Produced by Marcus Mills & Jonwain)
10 – 40DUBst – Banged Out (Produced by 40DUBst)
11 – Seven3ez – Blow It Down (Reppin Haiti) (Produced by OmiCdO)
12 – Imagery Feat. Keely Marie – Tragic (Produced by Sammy Gambino)
13 – Jackitdown Brown – I’m Real (Produced by Stealf)
14 – Tamika Nicole – Get It Right (Produced by Jimi Fischer)
15 – Skriblah DanGogh Feat. D.ablo – Mesmerised (Produced by Beatbutcha)
16 – Ruinz Ason – Post Man (Produced by J Flames)
17 – J.Karma Feat. Franko Fraize – Keep Pushin’ (Produced by Zimbabwe Kid)
18 – Mr. 13 Feat. Cons & Cobane- Tight Circle (Produced by 7thDan)
19 – Configa Beats Feat. Tone Liv, Respect (Tha God) and Godilla – Like That (Produced by Configa)
20 – A.C – Allow That (Produced by Deadman Walkn)
21 – LATE Feat Jai Boo – Worldwide Grind (Remixed & Produced by Feeney)
22 – Quest Rah – Craftsman (Produced by J Zak)
23 – Deeze – Gimme (Produced by Tricksta)

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RAGO MAGAZINE are now taking submissions for volume four! Slots are £20/$35 payment by Paypal. If you want in contact them now at info@ragomagazine.com

Ragz Sweet Jones & Tony Mahoney – Cannot Live By Flesh Alone

01 – Z Funk Intro (Feat. Ridah)
02 – Icy
03 – Shark Fin Soup
04 – Interlude For Mayne
05 – Million Dollar Baby
06 – The Cursed
07 – Because
08 – Don’t Try This At Home
09 – Vampire Interlude
10 – Alone
Bonus Tracks:
11 – Low (Dash Gambino Solo Song)
12 – The Blues Feat. Big Ben

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Danny Spice Interview

Where do you live and what is it there? What’s the main Hip-Hop radio show in your city?
I’m coming out of Hitchin Hertfordshire 30 miles out of north London it’s a lively commuter’s town with a bustling night life!!! We don’t have any stations that play Hip Hop around here but you can pick up the Hip Hop Show on Kiss FM or 279 on choice etc

When did you start making music and more importantly why did you decide to make music?

I been messing  with music for like 15 years now since my early teens DJing/Rhyming all of that it was around 2002/2003 I got into production though.

When did you release your first song and what was the response like?

Released my first record on white label in 2004 it was a 6 track ep ENTITILED “Home Truths” it got an ok response from press etc Knowledge Mag,Hip Hop Connection(R.I.P) all picked up on it. Got plenty of radio play from Itch FM and Rodney P & Skitz give it some play on their 1xtra show!!! As for sales str8 up it was abit of a flop all the stores where shutting down at the time and I didn’t really know how to promote a record but it was a good start you gotta get things wrong before you can get em right sometimes u know? 

How you would you describe your musical style and swagger?

Swagger lol? My musical style is straight B-Boy dusty crates kinda vibes vintage golden era work ethic I suppose my whole “swagger” is based around that really. I’m abit of a Hip Hop geek at heart to be honest lol

Let’s talk about your latest project. Where can we get it, who features and what label is it on?

“King Amongst Thieves” is the name of the album it’s a concept album that was based around taking the title at the King of The Beats challenge back in 2010 (see www.kingofthebeats.com for more info on the comp!!!!) I got Audra Nishita on the album from L.A who used to be Macy Grays backing singer she is a real talent and brings the party to the album. I got the Queens Bridge legend that is Craig G on there Dizzy Dustin from Ugly Duckling & from NY Oxygen of Sputnik Brown & Spox Phd (DJ Spinna/Oxygen). These aint up and coming artists they are some of the greatest Hip Hop artists to ever do it!!! The album isn’t out yet but it is completed I’m hoping the release date will be set for December time but the lead single “King of The Beat” ft Craig G is out now on COG & King of The Beats its available from I-Tunes, Amazon and on ltd(300 only) hand numbered/signed 7inch vinyl from www.carryongoing.com

How long did it take to create and finish?

The Album which I might like to put is my debut full length has been in my head my whole life but from start to finish this album took me a year just over. It wasn’t rushed though I took a long time crafting the 12 joints for this album around 30 joints were recorded in total for it I picked the 12 tightest and went with them.

If was in the streets and you came up to me with your latest release to try and sell it to me, what would you say? What major points would be in your sales pitch?!!

You wouldn’t catch me coming up to you in the streets trying to sell you something!!! I hate anybody coming up to me in the streets trying to sell me anything let alone CD’s that’s a pet hate of mine!!! I sell my music through the correct channels and make sure it is distributed to the stores and websites that need it. If I want something I will actively go and seek it know what I mean? I’m surprised some of these rappers don’t do door to door or tele sales with this shit the way they try and force it down your throat lmfao?!? The only time you would catch me selling my music in person hand to hand would be after a live show and by that time I wouldn’t need to give you a sales pitch you would have already heard what I’m dealing with!!! REAL TALK

What would you consider to be your biggest track to date?

The single with Craig G out now the production on that is ill I’m real proud of that joint.

Being totally honest, do you still buy music? If so where do you get your CD’s from?

I don’t buy CD’s often I still buy vinyl get a lot of product direct from labels or spots like Fat City, King Underground, Suspect Packages if an album is super dope and it aint available on vinyl  I will buy the CD I had to buy Roc Marciano’s album on CD from Amazon coz I couldn’t wait for the full vinyl release that album was just too ill!!! But on the real if your an artist or claim to be an artist but don’t buy music you can suck my dick if you think your getting any respect from me you would be surprised how many don’t!!!

Do you like any other styles of music outside your genre?

As a Hip Hop producer your ears have to be open to everything or you’re never going to get anywhere with it all my music is made from cutting up old recs so I gotta have my ears open. Soul,funk,jazz,rock,soundtracks,library music, classical I buy it all sometimes not just to sample but to listen to as well I’m a music man.

So how can promoters book you for shows and what does your live show entail?

My show features ill rhyme patterns, Turntable manipulation with my man DJ demon on the  1s & 2s as well as me ripping up the mpc whilst rhyming at the same time this show turns heads it aint a joke we rock the party!!! No rapper spitting bars over a CD here proper live music if you wanna book me for a show hit up info@carryongoing.com somebody will get back to you and work out a price ;)

Do you think illegal downloads are killing the music industry or does it help artists to get out there? 

Download my shit and you can suck my dick!!! You are a thief and I got no time for you!!! Don’t go crying when some asshole jacks your nans hand bag coz you aint no better in my book for real! I hate that shit with a passion. I’m sure you do too being someone who spends their time trying to promote artists and good music???

Good luck for the future. Anything you want to add before you go?

Buy music not just my music but music in general the fans are the most important people in this without sales this shit will end and you will be left with 2 a penny rappers/musicians and their cheap fuckery product!!! Go grab my single now I-TUNES, AMAZON OR www.carryongoing.com

Interview by Josh Powell

Twitter @dannyspice_cog

Lyriciss – The Balance (Dir. Chop N Shoot Films)

The Balance
Inner Loop Records

Watch it now! New music video for “The Balance” by Lyriciss shot in the streets of Washington, DC. “The Balance” is the title from Lyriciss’ upcoming debut album.

VIDEO: Lyriciss – The Balance (Dir. Chop N Shoot Films)

MP3: Lyriciss – The Balance (Prod. Grussle)


Lyriciss will perform at this year’s A3C Festival in Atlanta on August 8th.

DJ Concept – M99: Dexter Beat Tape

While putting the final touches on the deluxe version of his album Heavy Smoke, DJ Concept drops this Dexter themed beat tape: M99. With the new season of Dexter premiering this Sunday night (Oct. 2, 2011), Concept comes thru with a dark soundscape created completely with samples from the score of the show.

Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/?xa7y788bajde708
Hulkshare: http://hulkshare.com/iwuy36n7yvi9
Stream & Embed: http://djconcept.bandcamp.com/album/m99-dexter-beat-tape

ATTN EMCEES: Submit a joint over one of the beats for a chance to appear on the vocal version of M99. Send all songs to: dexter@execute1200.com and be sure to record on a quality microphone to be considered.

The Mask Is Slipping
Boyd Fowler
M99: Etorphine
Jordan Chase
You Stole My Life
Born In Blood
All I See Is Darkness
Butter Face
Explore New Rituals

aim & twitter: concept1200

Jailhouse (Sir Tomz, Nih’illi, Cyrus, Blackitude and Juice Aleem) “Lockdown” Out now on iTunes

01 – Intro Feat. Sir Tomz & Nih’illi
02 – Lockdown Feat. Sir Tomz & Nih’illi
03 – Jail House Feat. Sir Tomz & Blackitude
04 – Survival Feat .Sir Tomz & Cyrus
05 – Tell Dem Already Feat .Sir Tomz
06 – What’s The Point (Skit) Feat. Sir Tomz & Nih’illi
07 – What’s The Point Feat. Sir Tomz
08 – Stack It Up Feat. Sir Tomz & Nih’illi
09 – Showdown Feat. Sir Tomz
10 – What You KNow About Feat. Sir Tomz
11 – How I Do This Feat. Sir Tomz, Nih’illi & Cyrus
12 – Calmdown (Skit) Feat. Sir Tomz
13 – The Struggle (Skit) Feat. Sir Tomz & Nih’illi
14 – The Struggle Feat. Sir Tomz & Nih’illi
15 – I Amaze Myself Feat. Sir Tomz & Nih’illi
16 – 25 Pence Feat. Sir Tomz & Nih’illi
17 – New World Feat. Sir Tomz, Nih’illi & Blackitude
18 – Change Feat. Sir Tomz & Juice Aleem
19 – Do It Feat. Sir Tomz
20 – Outro Feat. Sir Tomz & Nih’illi

Buy now from iTunes:

Sir Tomz Feat. Nih illi – Lockdown (Remix) (Video)

Sir Tomz Feat. Nih illi – The Struggle (Remix) (Video)

Download ‘Lockdown The Mixtape’ for FREE:

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Ghost67 ‘Angel Of Sin’ OUT NOW on iTunes & Amazon

British rapper and lyricist Ghost 67 began writing spoken word at the tender age of sixteen until he heard Mark B & Blades album ‘The Unknown’.  It was this slice of UK Hip-Hop history that really got Ghost67 writing and recording tracks and freestyles. Ghost67 swore he would track down Blade as he wanted to show him his bars and his flow, as well as taking on board any advice that this experienced UK veteran could give. Ghost67 then made his way to London to see Everlast live and out of pure coincidence Blade was supporting! The two conversed during the gig and numbers were swapped. Eight months later, Ghost67 released ‘Regular Guys’ featuring Blade and as they say, the rest is history.

Since then Ghost67 has recorded several songs for various projects and has featured on tracks released in UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Holland and France building a strong underground international following. Through his underground network of record labels, artists and producers, Ghost67 has managed to collaborate with artists such as Stackadolla of Redman’s Gillahouse family, New York’s Kristin Hoffman, German Hip-Hop act Ich & Wirr, Houston’s underground group The Paperboys and London’s Mad Sabre, amongst others. He has also been active on the mixtape scene with support from UK Runnings and DJ Ophax from France, as well featuring on the ‘Kingdom Of Crooks’ mixtape with Mr CRF and Rack-Lo from New York.

Now in 2011, Ghost67 switches gears as he ups the tempo for the release of his long awaited debut album. Over seventy minutes of undiluted realness, ‘Footsteps Of An Angel Of Sin’ promises to be Ghost 67′s best work to date, as well as featuring US rapper Celph Titled, Blade, Mr CRF. Wordsmiff, Face (So Solid Crew) and an array of other talented artists. ‘Angel Of Sin’ is the official first single and it’s a slice of much needed UK Hip-Hop that is already being well received from bloggers and DJ’s. Keep your ears pricked and eyes peeled for the caveman of rap. You won’t be let down.

iTunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/angel-of-sin-single/id452102457
Amazon link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Angel-Of-Sin-Explicit/dp/B005DRKX66

Connect with Ghost 67

Danny Spice Feat Craig G – King Of The Beat

Vinyl purists Carry On Going Records bring you a slice of undiluted boom bap beats laced with hard knock rhymes from NY’s finest. “King Of The Beat” lifted from Danny Spice’s soon to be released debut full length “King Amongst Thieves” sees Juice Crew legend Craig G droppin’ science over a drum heavy drama & suspense style track.

Quote “Queens Bridge to UK/dudes say they make beats/but compared to us/you just coming wit dat fake heat”. Craig’s lines pay respect to both the producer as well as the age old art of crate digging. Having worked with the likes of Marley Marl, Large Professor, Pete Rock & DJ Premier to name but a few it’s no wonder the NY battle rapper is still going strong after 25 years in the business. No added preservatives here just pure uncut Hip Hop in its purist form some break beats, turn tables a sampler and an ill MC job done.

The limited edition individually hand numbered 300 pressing of the 7inch vinyl release has almost sold out in a matter of days, which gives you some indication of how big this track actually is! This is real Hip-Hop that bangs from start to finish produced by a talented beat-maker! Make sure you are on the lookout for the full length album “King Amongst Thieves” from Danny Spice being released on Carry On Going Records real soon.

Digitally available from iTunes:

See if your still lucky enough to grab yourself a copy of the ltd 7′ & make sure you check out

Connect with Danny Spice

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Birthm4rk – My Life My Crimes My Cry’s (Mixed by Bullet Movements) Review

Wolverhampton rapper Birthm4rk has been on his grind for years but this release is his best work to date without a doubt. This mixtape has energy and a real headnodding factor, the kind of mixtape you wack in the stereo on Saturday night when ya on the roll doing ya moves! I think the energy is made from a deadly cocktail of Birthm4rk’s choice of beats from Mr. G, J’Man, 4th Lord (S-Squad) and Jimmy Chambers and the way its been mixed by Bullet Movements. Its mixtapes like this that restore your faith in urban UK music.


01 – Intro Freestyle Can’t Stop Won’t Stop
02 – Country Monks Feat. Queen.T, Caspa, Sy.Loc, T.Bo, Dotta & Dubz (Illfam). Red Banditt, Gee.T, Don.B, Coolio & Mr. G
03 – In These Streets Feat. Clockwork
04 – Ghetto Children Feat. Sunev & Shantae
05 – Don’t Leave Feat. Jemstone & Queen.T
06 – Letter 2 God
07 – Madting Feat. B1 & BFace
08 – Ooo Nananar Feat. Evil Gemini
09 – Woohah Feat Cutta
10 – Pain Feat. Melody Farell
11 – Run Away
12 – She’s Got That Fire Feat B1
13 – Tell Me Why Feat. Kelz & Queen.T
14 – Real Men Feat. Wesley Davies
15 – My Life My Crimes My Cries Feat Queen.T

Download Links:

Review by Josh Powell

40DUBst – Welcome To Dartford (Review)

Now here is something completely different and something that we feel has massive cross over potential. This humorous look at life in Dartford comes with a superb music video which has already been aired on Channel AKA and the well respected Grime Daily website. MC’s Spanish Fly & Truefull along with Filthy Beatz on the boards seems to be a winning combination for this Kent based trio. They have the personality to really go far in a music industry saturated by emcees ‘going ‘ard’ or just making cheesy indie influenced r’n’b/pop rap! This is for chav’s, geeza’s, grime kids and the whole of the UK urban community and it’s not to serious. Cop the single and grab their album from the links below.

Review by Josh Powell

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40DUBst – Welcome To Dartford (Music Video)

J. Karma – The Next Level (Mixtape out now…)

London born emcee J. Karma moved to Norwich at an early age and started recording around 2008. With a host of local acts all doing their thing, J. Karma knew it was time to unleash some of his music. After creating a local buzz by shifting over a thousand CD’s and getting airplay from Future FM, J. Karma is a name to watch out for. Inspired by life and all the stresses and joys of inner city living combined with his unique but diverse style of riding a beat can be heard all the way through his latest release ‘The Next Level’. J. Karma has arrived and arrived with a bang. Tipped already by various tastemakers to do big things, J. Karma is ready to take his sound to the next level.

With a string of solid reviews from some of the UK’s leading on-line magazines and blogs, as well as FM and Internet radio play and recently being interviewed for Rago Magazine, the vibe is already building for J. Karma’s ‘The Next Level’ mixtape. This talented songwriter and performer has teamed up with a host of featured guests including Grime star Little Dee who was part of the chart-topping Roll Deep and now reps hard with the OG’z alongside P Money & Blacks. The mixtape also features Tommy Bones, UK Hip-Hop veterans DPF & Reds from Chronic Redye, as well as rising UK rappers Franko Fraize and Jammin Kane. Quality music throughout, this is a must for fans of Grime, Hip-Hop and Urban Music.

J. Karma – The Next Level (Tracklisting)

01. Intro
02. Cocky As Fuck
03. Over Here Feat. Tommy Bones & Little Dee
04. Follow Me
05. Is That It?
06. Big Money
07. Intermission I
08. Round And Round
09. On Fire
10. Complete
11. Neveragain
12. Intermission II
13. Keep Pushin’ Feat. Franko Fraize
14. Don’t Need You
15. Raw Feat. Reds & DPF
16. Let Me Break It Down
17. Sick With The Mic Feat. Jammin Kane

Download links:

Email: JKarma@live.com